Brands & Amazon: Takeaways from Our Virtual Roundtable

Brands & Amazon: Takeaways from Our Virtual Roundtable

We host regular roundtables that are exclusively for brand executives to network, ask questions, and share insights. We discuss trends, challenges, experiences, takeaways, and tips related to selling online. These roundtables are invite-only events, and the information shared by the attendees is kept amongst those in attendance. However, for the first time, we are sharing our top takeaways from the most recent discussion. This virtual roundtable, which was facilitated by Ally Commerce CEO, Jeff Cashman, and Manager of eCommerce, Cal Harris, focused on Amazon and covered popular questions such as:

  • Should your brand think of the retail giant as a partner or as a competitor?
  • What should your response be to Amazon’s latest moves?
  • How is Amazon shaping the future of the eCommerce / retail space for brand manufacturers? 

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