Harness the Power of Going Direct to Consumer

Harness the Power of Going Direct to Consumer

FitforCommerce Webinar
When mastered, selling DTC can mean better margins, stronger relationships with customers, access to first-hand data and insights, closer control and ownership of the brand, and more. However, creating a winning direct to consumer strategy is easier said than done. In this webinar with FitForCommerce, we explore the trends that dictate why going direct is so critical, cover the benefits and pitfalls of launching and managing a direct to consumer eCommerce business, and share best practices for building this new operation including:

  • Building the right foundation in terms of team and organizational structure
  • Operational recommendations for new distribution and fulfillment processes
  • Selecting the right partners and technologies
  • Defining new direct to consumer marketing approach
  • Dealing with challenges such as channel conflicts
  • How to measure and govern performance through analytics
  • Have questions about selling direct to consumer?

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