At Ally, our mission is to drive outcomes for our clients. eCommerce is complex and constantly changing, so we rely on a fast-paced, innovative culture to make it happen. We want to help you get to know the people behind your eCommerce engine, so today, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes with our interns Kennedy and David.

Words from Kennedy Blackwell-Lewis

Marketing Intern at Ally

B2B marketing is a field that I had very little knowledge in before beginning my marketing internship here at Ally Commerce. Yet, I’ve grown to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of the field and the nature of the work I am doing. Whether my day consists of attending meetings, contributing to a brainstorm session, or pressing through the project at hand, I know I will never leave the office without having learned something new that day.

Over the past few weeks of my internship, a few of the projects I’ve worked on include account profiling, database management, the synchronization of accounts in our databases, and the launch of a social media project, backed by my completion of preliminary data analysis. Each of these projects has sharpened various skills of mine, but I would say that my analytical thinking has benefitted the most from my work on these projects. Out of the projects I’ve worked on, I would say that my favorite project was that involving social media engagement. I had the opportunity to make decisions about almost everything about the project, including which metrics were important to focus on, how the project should be structured, and how I would measure the effectiveness of it.

When people ask me about my internship, I can genuinely say I love it. At Ally Commerce, I’ve been given the space to grow as an upcoming professional and the opportunity to contribute my ideas to meaningful conversations. It is truly amazing how much one can learn in a matter of weeks, and even more astounding to me is the willingness of everyone in the organization to share their knowledge with me. Many organizations market themselves as being people focused, but Ally Commerce truly embodies that appealing characteristic. One of the things that makes Ally stand out to me is the immense amount of brain power among such a small team, and I’m grateful to have been brought on to the team, even if it was only for the summer months.

Words from David Almonte

Data Analytics Intern at Ally

I’ve had a great time at Ally so far. Working within the Analytics team, I’ve been tasked with helping improve processes and pluck out insights across a variety of business intelligence and web data analytics platforms. I’ve leveraged Google Analytics, Domo and Ally’s proprietary Clover platform to complete complex analytics projects and to answer pressing client-oriented questions. The challenges I’ve faced have been incredibly rewarding.

The team has been really open and welcoming. During my onboarding week, I had the opportunity to speak with people involved in nearly every aspect of the business. The degree of openness allowed me to feel comfortable in Ally’s unique culture quickly and further cemented my understanding of the complexity of Ally’s offering. Moreover, working closely with both the client Account Management and Operations teams has helped me build healthy perspective around and within the business.

From the outset, I’ve been fortunate to get to feel that members of the team were genuinely interested in my growth and development. Alongside Matt Kuhlik (eCommerce Analyst), I’ve strived to build skills in analytical and data interpretation, data manipulation and visualization, and soft skills in business environments. Each of these has been tested, whether in projects where we estimate the sales velocity impacts of difference services, by building interactive visualizations that track critical business needs, or by pitching future versions of similar projects to potential stakeholders.

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