The Opportunities and Challenges of Selling Online in the Healthcare Industry

Opportunities & Challenges of Selling

Online in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare eCommerce is growing 8.1x faster than overall healthcare retail sales, and this growth will only continue. Is your brand prepared? Ally Commerce’s CEO, Jeff Cashman, delivered a presentation on “The Opportunities and Challenges of Selling Online” at the Medtrade Spring 2019 conference. In it he addresses medical equipment manufacturers and discusses their specific opportunities and challenges when it comes to eCommerce. This presentation covers:

  • eCommerce trends and shifting consumer/patient preferences
  • Major players causing disruption in the healthcare industry (including Amazon)
  • How to stay HIPAA compliant when selling direct to consumer
  • A success story from one of the largest medical equipment brands in the world and how they leveraged Ally’s expertise to pivot their strategy
  • Top considerations for medical device manufacturers and what it takes to get started selling DTC online
  • Have questions about selling online in the healthcare industry?

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